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_Acknowledgements, background information and personal notes

In the mid-1970s, my colleague was actively involved in the organisation of the "Bergischer Loewe Zolder" motor races. In the lead-up to the races, he distributed the posters in and around Wuppertal, and on the actual race weekends he also had an assigned job on the track. Sometime in the 70s, he brought me this black & white photo of a Georg Loos Porsche from Zolder. And as every other man would, I dreamed of such a Porsche, especially one with a big "Georg Loos" sticker on the windscreen.

Georg Loos desk pad
__Bergischer Löwe Zolder

I subsequently kept this photo for more than 25 years under the transparent surface of various desk pads. Jobwise and financially, my situation improved over the years, and in 1997 I was able to actually fulfil my dream of having my own Porsche, and bought a second-hand 1992 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Targa.

Georg's Porsche
Porsche Zentrum Wuppertal

Sometime at the beginning of 2002, this Targa then brought me to the "Techno-Classica" in Essen, a tradeshow for oldtimer cars, racing cars, models and all types of car accessories. What I was looking for was sales brochures and price lists for my 1992 Porsche. During my search for these I stopped, purely by chance, at the stand of a photographer. He had his Nuerburgring photos from the 1970s well arranged on display, and having become inquisitive I asked whether there were any photos of a Porsche with a Georg Loos sticker? Naturally there were a lot of Georg Loos photos, and that's how it all started.

With my new information about Georg Loos from the photographer's stand, I then started to search for more Georg Loos material on Google and eBay. Over the years I naturally found a lot, for example models, posters, stickers, and lots of magazine articles. I learnt about the Ferrari 512, the McLaren M8, the Mirage Ford, the 917/10 and 917 Spyder and the numerous other Porsches owned or driven by Georg Loos or driven for him.

Gelo Modelle Sammlung Modellautos Gelo Racing Modelle
Gelo-Racing Collection Gelo-Racing-Team Sticker Original Reifen

After buying 2 small 1:43 model cars from Gelo Racing in an eBay auction in April 2004, I received a message from someone in Cologne, saying that he would also have liked to buy these models. I soon found out that he is the son of my namesake Georg Loos and that he shares my passion for collecting anything associated with his father Georg. This acquaintanceship which started as a result of the eBay auction subsequently developed into a lasting friendship and led to exchanges of many collected items.

We met each other for the first time at the "Techno-Classica" in 2005, and then again at the 2006 AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nuerburgring, where 2 former Georg Loos cars were for the first time once again in the start line-up for the Oldtimer Races: the McLaren M8F driven in the Orwell Cup and the Porsche 935/77A which was formerly driven by John Fitzpatrick. No question about it, he and I were thrilled and took a lot of photos and made a lot of video material.

My thanks go to Sven who gave me the long sought-after Gelo jacket and also a Gelo umbrella. His father was previously fleet manager with Weisberg and drove the Gelo-Weisberg team's camper van, and can be seen at the rear of the picture.

After many years of collecting, and although I have already found numerous items associated with my namesake Georg Loos, there is always something new to find and discover. If anyone has anything which I possibly don't have yet, I am always interested in hearing about it, even if it's a copy. My e-mail address is

I would like to thank all the people for items in my Georg Loos collection 1969-1981.

Georg Loos, November 2010

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